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Human Capital Management

Streamline Human Resource processes for global payroll, diversity, and workforce management. Optimize performance with compensation management and workforce analytics. Collaborate and increase engagement through social, mobile, and work-life capabilities

Attract and retain talent

  • Increase hiring speed and quality by quickly sourcing and recruiting the right candidates

  • Increase engagement with work-life solutions that help motivate employees and deliver a superior employee experience

  • Retain and nurture talent by providing professional learning and growth opportunities

  • Increase bench strength by proactively planning for succession in leadership and other key roles

Respond with agility to change

  • Align people strategy with business strategy

  • Anticipate workforce attrition with powerful insights

  • Adjust the workforce quickly to organizational changes

  • Tailor HR processes to account for unique needs

Optimize workforce management and spending

Studio Portrait
  • Differentiate compensation by allocating the right mix of monetary and nonmonetary rewards

  • Manage time and labor, scheduling, and related expenses

  • Maintain expenses for specific projects and other costs

  • Build a pay-for-performance culture

Streamline HR operations

  • Consolidate disparate HRMS

  • Leverage analytics for more intelligent workforce decisions

  • Automate manual processes globally and locally

  • Accelerate HR processes with self-service

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